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ONYX Pearls NY-Northeast holds a variety of public events in the New York Metro area to help Educate, Explore, and Empower those in the lifestyle including: Educational Events, Munches in NY and NJ, and Bar Nights.  Unless specifically stated, our Public Events are open to all allies regardless of gender or race.  In fact we welcome our allies!  Our events often include fundraising activities for charitable non-profit organizations that align with our mission.  In addition, ONYX Pearls NY-Northeast is involved in a number of larger events throughout the region including Folsom East, NJ Pride Parade, NYC Pride Parade, Black Pride, and NJ Leather Contest.


As a broader Leather Community made up of many different clubs and chapters, we continue to strive to create Safe Spaces.  In these Safe Spaces (see list below) we are free to express ourselves, our interests, our sexuality, our kinks without judgement no matter sexual or gender identity, race, religion, or kink interests. This full acceptance—not often found in our vanilla lives—creates a sense of freedom and a shared experience with one another.  Each of us are responsible to help cultivate a space of acceptance for our Leather Sisters and Brothers.  


2022 Events Calendar


Fri, Feb 18th 9 pm ET



Sun, Mar 27th 6 pm ET

Women's Head of Household Panel

2021 Events Calendar


Tue, May 18th 7 pm ET


Leather Meeting & Greet - Virtual

Tue, May 27th 7 pm ET

Meet & Dine (Members Only)

Tue, May 30th

Pledge Line Applications Due

Tue, June 17th 7 pm ET

Meet & Dine 2 (Members Only)

Sun, July 18th 5 pm ET

Journey of a Consensual Slave:

Choosing the Road Less Traveled - Virtual

Sun, July 31st 7 pm ET

Meet & Dine 3 (Members Only)

Sun, Aug 14th 1 pm ET

Kinky Field Day - Presented by


(Members Only)

SAT, Sept 4th 9:30 pm ET

One Tribe of Kink Fundraiser -

Presented by ONYX Pearls NY/NE & MsC Worldwide

Sat, Nov 13th 9 pm  - 2am ET

A Night in Heaven & Hell



ONYX Pearls NY-NE Education Classes

ONYX Pearls NY-NE is determined to provide our Members and the Community with Lifestyle Educational Classes, Demos, Panel Discussions, and Materials to enable/promote the safe, sane, and consensual as well as personally responsible, risk-aware, and informed Leather/Kink/Fetish activities.  Topics span from Leather History to BDSM and Impact Play to Master/slave and Power Exchange Relationships to Gender and Sexuality to Polyamorous Dynamics to Mental Health and Well-Being.  

Our mission is to provide safe space for Women of Color to explore, find education, and empower themselves in the Leather and BDSM Lifestyle.  Please join us!

Bar Entrance

ONYX Pearls NY-NE Bar Nights & Parties

Our Bar Nights and parities are a chance to connect with the Leather and Kink Community and celebrate in.a safe space of acceptance.  Fundraising activities may include basket raffles, silent auctions, and drink specials (jello shots).  

Over virtual events may not completely take the place of our in person bar nights, but in the current environment they are a critical piece to the emotional and mental well-being of our Leather Family...a celebration of all that we are.

Munches & Socials

Get to Know ONYX Pearls NY-NE

Vanilla-type meetups typically held at a restaurant or bar that is open to the general kink community.  Munches are meant as a doorway for newbies and other leather/kink members to socialize with the host organization and get to know the organization’s members, values, and goals. 

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