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panel | Women's Leather & d/s head of household



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COSTS | $10.00. All proceeds go to creating community events for Pride 2022.

Head of household: There are some that when they hear the phase head of household think of men.  ONYX Pearls NY-NE turns that on its head.  Join us as we present a panel of Beings of the Fem experience and the left side of the slash to learn about how to build as well as maintain a household. A household is a group of chosen family that is led by someone who leads the family.

HOST | Guardian Onyx Pearl


  • Goddess Rose

  • Miss D Dom

  • Lady SaVage


ONYX Pearls NY-NE Leather Organization Mission

To build a Sisterhood that supports, educates, and empowers Women of Color involved in Leather/BDSM/Fetish Lifestyles. As a responsible Leather Organization in the NYC Metro Community, we strive to engage in various social, educational, service, and charitable endeavors within the New York/New Jersey area that develop friendships and promote safety for women

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