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We embrace our diversity and our individual unique traits to empower one another and build the strength, depth, and impact of the chapter as a whole.  Discover...SISTERHOOD.

Leather Family

What Does Sisterhood Mean?

The chapter has and always will have a variety of personalities in our membership, and our members have and will always have a broad range of approaches to life, of learning styles, of communication styles, not to mention sexual orientations, gender-identities, races, nationalities, religions, and kinks!  The key to our Sisterhood is to embrace our diversity and our individual unique traits to empower one another and build the strength, depth, and impact of the chapter as a whole. 


Our History

For nearly a century, Leather Clubs were the ONLY place many had where they could be completely themselves and indulge in their true sexuality and kinks.  Those member-only locations weren’t just a place for drinking, sex, and debauchery.  They were a mental and emotional sanctuary of acceptance and understanding. 


In the Eighties and Nineties, the AIDs epidemic ripped through the Leather Community.  Those who had been outcast by their biological families had no one to turn to when they fell ill other than their Leather Brothers and Sisters, who stood by them and eventually honored them after they passed.  At the foundation of our Leather Values is this concept of a brotherhood/sisterhood that supports, educates, and empowers each other in any way we can through good and bad times.are LIMITED. 

Our Values

We build Sisterhood and Leather Family by demonstrating to each other the ONYX Pearls NY-NE's 8 Characteristics of Sisterhood.



Genuine concern for the well-being of others.



To show one’s true self, feelings, words, and deeds.



The ability to be thankful; To show appreciation for and to return kindness.


To hold one’s self and others responsible for their actions/decisions.



Strong of support and allegiance.



The act of helping or doing work for a person, group, idea.



To be honest and have strong grounded principles; being undivided.



Committed to a task or purpose.

Our Impact

Despite the challenges of 2020, ONYX Pearls NY-NE was able to make an impact on our community.


Raised through Class/Event
Ticket Sales & Donations


Chapter Donations & Fundraising


ONYX Pearls Donations to
Local/Regional Non-Profits & Community Support



16 Events

Lifestyle Classes, Discussions, Panels, Socials, and Community Events

35 Hours

of Lifestyle Programming

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