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Meet Our Beautiful Sisterhood

Across our diversity we share a fierce Leather Sisterhood and a firm belief in our organization’s mission and goals. 

2023 ONYX Pearls NY-NE Board

Bastet | interim President | 2023


Previous Positions

  • Secretary | 2022

  • Road Captain | 2021

  • PR Representative | 2021

  • Interim PR Representative | 2020​


Status | Full Member

Member Since | Dec 2019

Line | 3 the HARD Way

Bastet (formerly known as Deedee) is a Afro-Latina, Queer, Poly, Cis Woman, Leather Cat. Bastet’s pronouns are she/her, and sometimes cat. She has been part of the scene since 2010. Bastet was born and raised in the Bronx NY and currently lives in Brooklyn NY with her Master.


Bastet identifies as a slave and a sadomasochist Cat and is a proud slave and majordomo of Sir Wu of House of Wu.  Her kinks can differ depending on her mood... sometimes she’s under the paddle, sometimes she holds the paddle! Her kinks involve, impact play, rope bondage, pet play, blood play, needle play, and watersports.  


Baste has provided services as the Promotional Representative of the ONYXPearls NY-NE, where she has worked hard behind the scenes with the committee to help improve the Chapter Markets events, helping to provide very valuable help and information to the Road Captan Team and the Chapter as a whole. 


Bastet has a deep profound love for the community and her chosen family and shows it by the service she provides. She is part of LICK (Leather Identified Cats and Kittens) a fairly new and upcoming safe place made for Felines who are part of the Leather community. 

Bastet is also a part of MAsT Metro NY, Limitless Luxe Lifestyle, and ALFA. She has attended and volunteered at other events like MsC, Weekend Reunion Events, MsG, Flame Conference. 


Outside of kink & Leather, Bastet is a Chef for a Corporate Company in NYC. She is passionate about baking, cooking, and learning about history, and mental health. She loves to garden, read, and LOVES to watch back to back documentaries.  She is a fur mom to a beautiful Pitbull named Blue.

Mrs. Dee | roadcaptain | 2023


Mrs. Dee (She/her/Princess) is a Queer Leather Woman, age player, Professional Dominatrix, and consent/ cuddle therapist from NYC. She has been involved in the public community since 2017 and a member of The ONYX Pearls NY-NE chapter since 2020 where she serves as a full member.

Mrs. Dee hosts The Royal Book Club, The Wright Club, as well as The Collective, a Peer Coaching Experience. She also is the creator of The House of Snickers which was birthed from Princess Delilah, her middle persona.

Mrs. Dee has a passion for community and strives to empower people, inspiring self-improvement through healthy discussion and reading.

Previous Positions

  • Road Captain Committee 2022


Status | Full Member

Member Since | Dec 2020

Line | Eternal 7

Guardian | pledge master | 2023


Previous Positions

  • Executive Ops Committee  2022

  • Co-Pledge Master 2022


Status | Full Member

Member Since | Dec 2021

Line | ATTG

Guardian is a fat, Black, Lesbian daddy. She has lived an alternative lifestyle since 2009 and is currently the Proud Daddy of two Littles. Her life is dedicated to loving African American women wholeheartedly and to the best of her ability. In doing so she had the honor of providing a safe space for many Black women, who come to her seeking kink advice free of judgment.

Since her introduction to Leather, Guardian has successfully pledged the ONYX Pearls NY-Northeast in 2021 and has studied/practiced specific skills of interest. She is open to many kinks however she frequently dabbles in impact, knife play, age play, & more, from the left side of the slash.

She is stationed in Northern NJ but can be spotted in NYC and Baltimore.  She shares a home with the magnificent Lady Goon, with whom she has served many loved ones for over a decade.  

Ezulie | Co-Pledge MASTER | 2023


Ezulie is a body positive, sex positive, pro fro queer,  non-binary Woman of Color that believes in empowering others with the use of BDSM.  Ezulie is a kink educator and poly love coach that believes in making education accessible to everyone and understands connecting folks to useful resources to ensure safer play is necessary. 


Ezulie has been active in the community for five years learning skills on FemDom, Fire Top, impact play, and sensory deprivation. As an Onyx Pearl, Ezulie embodies the mission of her sisterhood by providing education and community for Kinksters of Color to enrich their own journey.  As Pledge Mistress, Ezulie supports women finding their power, voice, and self love to sexually liberate themselves through centering their pleasure, divine femininity, and purpose in the Leather Community.

Previous Positions

  • Pledge Master | 2021 - 2022

  • Co-Pledge Mistress | 2020​


Status | Full Member

Member Since | Mar 2019

Line | Fifth Wave

Lady Silent J | Treasurer | 2023


Previous Positions

  • President  | 2021 - 2022

  • Pledge Mistress | 2019 - 2020

  • Co-Pledge Mistress 2018 


Status | Full Member

Member Since | Dec 2017

Line | 1st Line

Lady Silent J, she/her pronouns, currently identifies as a proud polyamorous Leatherwoman and left-leaning Sadomasochistic switch, who is exploring roles on the left-side of the Power Exchange slash.

In 2005 Lady Silent J answered a call for a photoshoot and discovered an awakening in her soul - deep slave tendencies and a strong desire to engage in consensual power exchange relationships.  She also quickly recognized that success in the Lifestyle first required a fearless drive to strip the many layers of habits, conditioning, and societal expectations in order to develop an authentic and healthy relationship with self.  This self-exploration became her personal Quest.


Lady Silent J, a proud native New Yorker, has been active in the local NYC scene and at a multitude of events up and down the East Coast.  These activities, her consistent pursuit of a healthy honest relationship with self, and carefully surrounding herself with authentic, like-minded people who accentuated her Hunger for More all led her to embrace not only the Issues and Triumphs of Women of Color in the Lifestyle and M/s dynamics but also polyamory, kink, and bisexuality.


Within the hundreds of events, classes, conferences, and all that the NYC and Northeast community offers, Lady Silent J's journey has shifted, grown, and evolved to conform to her changing needs, wants, and desires.  Over the years, she has left her mark on the Lifestyle Community and made a tangible difference as the 2017 Founder of a monthly NYC munch for s-types and through her dedicated service to the ONYX Pearls NY-NE Chapter as the first sister to cross the line, the Pledge Mistress, and President.



Starr is a queer, polyamorous, masochistic, switch on a journey to explore the deeper meaning of slavehood and power exchanges.  Starr's pronouns are she/her. She is an advocate for spreading knowledge towards safe play practices within the BDSM and Leather community while staying supportive and inclusive of others who practice alternative lifestyle choices.

Previous Positions

  • Executive Ops Committee  2022

  • Marketing Committee 2022


Status | Full Member

Member Since | Dec 2021

Line | ATTG


Our Founding Mothers/ Sisters

ONYX PEARLS New York/Northeast was first founded In 2008 By Goddess Roze.  She set into place a Board of Founding Mothers and created a space for women of color to come together in sisterhood. The ONYX PEARLS were a very small group of women that existed for two years. Like most things, life happened and the founding mothers chose to close the chapter. We will forever be grateful for the seed they planted in this concrete jungle.


Original Founding Mothers/Sisters

  • President | Goddess Roze

  • Vice President | Lady Sabrina 

  • Secretary | Lady Raven

  • Treasurer | Lady N

  • Road Captain | Goddess Coko

  • Sergeant Mistress | Ms. Petal


With the encouragement of many elders in the Leather and Kink Community, ONYX Pearls New York-Northeast was re-established November 12, 2016 with the help of our 2nd Generation of Founding Mothers/Sisters!  These tenacious women nurtured the seed from our Original Founding Mothers, so that our organization could take root and grow.


2nd Generation Founding Mothers/Sisters

  • President | Master Kaddan

  • Vice President | Kya_Nite

  • Secretary/Treasurer | Sir Raven

  • Pledge Mistress | Cocoa Sky

  • Co-Pledge Mistress | Wicked

  • Road Captain | Phixate

2022 ONYX Pearls NY-NE Members

Full Members

Akasha | Member Since Apr 2023 | Long Island

Line | Primary Colors

Activities: Pledge Committee 2023

Amethyst | Member Since Apr 2023 | NJ

Line | Primary Colors

Activities: PR/Social Media Committee 2023

Bleue | Member Since Dec 2020 | NJ

Line | Eternal 7
Activities: Road Captain Committee 2021


Browniie Lennoxx | Members Since Mar 2019 | NJ

Line | Fifth Wave 
Activities: Vice-President 2020


Bastet | Member Since Dec 2019 | NYC

Line | 3 the HARD Way

Activities: Interim President/Vice-President 2023, Secretary 2022, Road Captain 2021, PR Representative 2021, Interim PR Representative 2020

Daijah ONYX | Member Since Apr 2023 | NJ

Line | Primary Colors

Activities: Secretary Committee 2023

Ezulie | Member Since Mar 2019 | NJ

Line | Fifth Wave

Activities: Road Captain Committee 2023, Co-Pledge Master 2023, Pledge Master 2021-2022, Co-Pledge Mistress 2020

Guardian | Member Since Dec 2021 | NJ

Line | ATTG

Activities: Pledge Master 2023, Co-Pledge Master 2022, Executive Committee 2022


Lexi | Member Since Dec 2020 | NJ

Line | Eternal 7 
Activities: Pledge Mistress Committee 2021

Master Kaddan | Member Since 2016 | NYC

Founding Sister
Activities:  President 2016 - 2020

Mrs. Dee | Member Since Dec 2020 | NYC

Line | Eternal 7 
Activities: Road Captain 2023, Road Captain Committee 2021

Poetic ONYX | Member Since Dec 2020 | NJ

Line | Eternal 7
Activities:  Secretary & Community Outreach Committees 2021

Silent | Member Since 2017 | NYC

Line | 1st Line

Activities: Treasurer 2023, President 2021-2022, Pledge Mistress 2019 - 2020, Co-Pledge Mistress 2018

Sankofa | Member Since Dec 2021 | NJ

Line | ATTG

Activities: Road Captain Committee 2022

Starr | Member Since Dec 2021 | NJ

Line | ATTG

Activities: Secretary 2023, Marketing Committee 2022


DominaKat | Member Since Dec 2019 | NYC

Line | 3 the HARD Way
Activities:  Road Captain 2020 - 2023, Marketing 2020 - 2022, and Executive Operations Committees 2021 - 2023

Gaia Amor | Member Since Dec 2020 | NYC
Line | Eternal 7

Activities:  Executive Ops 2023, Executive Ops & Educational Committee 2021


Boss Blaque | 2nd Line | Member Mar 2019 - Jul 2019

Brown Goddess | 2nd Line | Associate Member Jun 2018 - Dec 2020

Eyes | 2nd Line | Member Jun 2018 - Mar 2022

Kya_Nite | Founding Sister | Member 2016 - Dec 2021

Liquid | 2nd Line | Member Jun 2018 - July 2020

Paris | Fifth Wave | Member Mar 2019 - Dec 2020

Phenomenal | Eternal 7 | Member Dec 2020 - Jul 2021

Phoenix ONYX | 3 the HARD Way | Member Dec 2019 - Mar 2022

Red | 2nd Line | Member Jun 2018 - Jan 2023

Rhyan | Founding Sister | Member 2016 - May 2022 

slave Audi | Eternal 7 | Associate Member Dec 2020 - Dec 2021

Sir Raven | Founding Sister | Member 2016 - Apr 2022 

Syl Rae | Fifth Wave | Member from Mar 2019 - July 2020 

Wicked | Founding Sister  | Member 2016 - Dec 2021 

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