Leather Sisterhood

Our Mission

To build a Sisterhood that supports, educates, and empowers Women of Color involved in Leather/BDSM/Fetish Lifestyles.  As a responsible Leather Organization in the NYC Metro Community, we strive to engage in various social, educational, service, and charitable endeavors within the New York/New Jersey area that develop friendships and promote safety for women.


Our monthly events are meant to educate, empower, and explore our members and attendees in the Leather/Kink Lifestyle.

ALL events are currently ONLY offered virtually out of consideration for the healthy and safety of our community.



Classes, demos, panel discussions, etc meant to advance the knowledge and/or skillset on  topics related to the Leather/Kink Lifestyle.

Bar Nights & Parties

Our bar nights and parties bring together our Leather sisters, siblings, and brothers to celebrate is a safe welcoming space.


Munches & Socials

Vanilla-type meetups typically held at a restaurant or bar that are open to the general kink community. 

Leatherwoman with ONYX Pearls





Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.

~Maya Angelou


We embrace our diversity and our individual unique traits to empower one another and build the strength, depth, and impact of the chapter as a whole.


ONYX Pearls are a subsegment of the broader Leather Community, which is essentially the foundation for much of the current BDSM and Fetish Communities.  Leather Clubs, Chapters, and Families exist throughout the world and are often specifically created to support marginalized or fetish groups such as gay men, lesbians, Women/Men of Color, Master/slaves, etc.

We are an extension of Men of ONYX, our Leather Brothers, who are near and dear to our hearts.  ONYX Pearls NY-NE Members are also often actively involved in other community groups and support many community and Leather events.


Connect with Us

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